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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3/Y bakre traction armar


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Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 & Y bakre traction armar är ett perfekt komplement för att tajta till styvheten på din Model 3/Y. Något vi klart även rekommenderar om du ska sänka bilen utan att påverka däckslitaget nämnvärt.

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras bakre traction armar för Model 3/Y:


Our rear traction arms were developed alongside our rear trailing arms and rear spring arm to offer a complete solution to the rear multi-link suspension on the Tesla Model 3. Our arm is stronger than the factory arm (an arm that Tesla was originally including as a replacement with the 20″ wheels, interestingly), and removes the OE rubber bushing with a sealed spherical bearing. In November 2020 we have totally redesigned the arm to allow for increased clearance to the chassis for extremely low vehicles, ensuring that no suspension member can ever contact the chassis!

If you’ve driven a Model 3 in anger you know the rear of the car can feel floaty and unstable, especially at higher speeds. Soft rubber bushings allow the wheels to move around and steer, which significantly contributes to this unstable, disconnected feeling. Every bushing that is replaced with a solid one moves towards that 100% direct, coupled to the road feeling, and that’s why you’ll find sealed solid spherical bearings, like the ones we are using, in European sports and supercars. These bushings are designed to give all of the benefits of a spherical bearing without any of the drawbacks – no noise, no clunks, and no premature wear.

These arms are the same length as factory. Adjustment in the trailing and traction arms is not necessary, and in our experience when a multi-link rear suspension has every link adjustable it’s very common for problems to develop due to incorrect setup. Some of the problems that can occur are: poor suspension geometry, failing axles, and mismatched wheelbase from side-to-side. Our MPP Arastradero camber arms are what should be used to adjust camber, and our MPP Arastradero rear toe arms are what should be used, along with the OE eccentric bolt, to adjust toe.

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