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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3 super sport fjädrar


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Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 super sport fjädrar till MPP sport coilovers. Optimerat för banor där man kan hålla en högre hastighet då dessa är linjära upp i högre farter för en stabilare körning.

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras super sport fjädrar för deras sport coilovers till Model 3:

NOTE: This is a replacement spring kit for those using MPP coilovers. They are not lowering springs!

We’ve worked on a higher rate spring set that works with our existing Sports Coilovers for those of you with AWD Model 3’s. These springs are firmer than our sports kit but still usable on a daily basis. The ride is similar to that of a Porsche 911. The firmer springs are still well controlled by the dampers, and the result is less pitching in braking/acceleration, and less body roll. This spring kit is the ideal selection if you’re serious about tracking your Model 3, or if you’re adding minor aerodynamic elements to the car.

The difference in lap time will depend on the tires and alignment used as well as the type of track, but the real gains will be had at higher speed tracks where the additional platform stiffness increases stability and adds confidence. If you’re mostly running at lower speed tracks, these springs will likely not do too much for you in terms of outright lap time.

The kit includes 2 additional packers for each damper, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of bump rubber engagement. Please contact us for tuning advice.

For those of you doing more aggressive aerodynamic modifications, or who are building track-only cars, our competition suspension is the correct solution.

NOTE: These springs require our lightweight rear spring arm in the rear. The front spring may be loose at full droop depending on ride height. A tender spring can be added, however “clinking” of the spring when turning the wheels may occur and this is annoying. The spring being loose at full droop does not have any noticable effect unless you’re planning on jumping your Model 3. Are you?

NOTE: Unfortunately these springs cannot be substituted at the time of order of the Sports AWD coilover kit, the volume is too low for this to be possible.

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