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Mountain Pass Performance - Model Y komfort justerbara coilovers AWD/Performance

Mountain Pass Performance - Model Y komfort justerbara coilovers AWD/Performance

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Mountain Pass Performance

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Mountain Pass Performance Model Y komfort justerbara coilovers för performance eller AWD modellerna. Speciellt utvecklade för att förbättra upplevelsen och köregenskaperna i din Model Y på ett komfortabelt men samtidigt justerbart sätt. Perfekt för dig som vill sänka bilen samtidig som komforten ökar, speciellt över stora gupp, men samtidigt ha möjlighet att köra på bana med bilen. Justerbar i höjdled från fabrikshöjd ner till 40 mm under standard.

Stötdämparna är progressiva som är inställda för att aktiveras i de mest aggressiva stötarna, men samtida inte för att öka hårdheten under normala förhållanden och körstil.

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras justerbara komfort coilovers för Model Y:

For our customers who demand exceptional ride quality and comfort without compromise, we have worked tirelessly on the Model Y to achieve ride quality that is as close as possible to what we achieve with the Model 3. Taking full advantage of the twin-valve technology offered by KW, we have improved the characteristics of our Comfort line, introduced damping adjustability, and also gained the corrosion resistance of INOX stainless steel. If you want the absolute best road suspension for the Model Y, look no further.

Aftermarket suspension is something that can make or break the enjoyment of a vehicle. Even more-so with SUVs, suspension tuning is so critical to the ride and enjoyment of your vehicle. With an SUV there are new challenges that don’t show up with a sedan. For starters you have larger, heavier wheels and tires which carry a lot more momentum when you hit a bump – they want to keep coming into the chassis! Secondly, there is typically a large open cabin, which means NVH is amplified and any road noise from the rear dampers is exceedingly loud.

Additionally, when lowering SUVs which are naturally much higher, there are geometry problems to deal with. In the case of the Model Y, the base vehicle is quite high and for the performance variant, Tesla achieved the lowering by using shorter springs only – while retaining the same bump rubber lengths. As a result the factory Performance Model Y actually engages the bump rubbers at all times! This means you’ll see a huge difference in the ride of our suspension compared to OEM over large compressions and potholes where the OE bump rubber would be really making the ride uncomfortable.

With all of the above said, you can imagine it was a pretty difficult challenge for us to develop dampers that ride as well as the Comfort Adjustable’s we have available for the Model 3. While it is obviously impossible to match with 21″ wheels, we are quite confident we’ve achieved something that is as close as possible to what is achievable, while retaining the sporty edge. We instrumented our Y with a MoTeC data logger and tracked everything from damper positions and bump rubber engagement to a full model of the damper, spring, and bump rubber forces to help us hone in on the exact source of any harshness to tune it out without resorting to extremely soft and floaty springs.


After thousands of kilometers of driving, multiple trips to the racetrack, and tearing the suspension apart and putting the car back together over 10 times in a few short months, we’ve finally achieved the optimum setup. The platform is always in control, it does not bounce and heave excessively, nor does it jar you while hitting large bumps. In fact, the faster you go the smoother the ride becomes as the dampers can really show their strengths once some energy is put into them. This suspension kit certainly does not ride like an old Cadillac, and we wouldn’t want to give that impression! At full stiff the ride is comparable to an M-platform BMW, at medium settings closer to an F-Sport Lexus, and at full soft more comparable to a standard version Lexus suspension. The range of adjustment of the dampers is impressive – you can truly feel each click and we have recommended settings to cater to your individual preference.


Factory Battery Clearance (21″ Wheels, Performance Model Y): 

Front: 165mm
Rear: 165mm


Factory Hub-Fender Distance (21″ Wheels, Performance Model Y):

Front: 422mm
Rear: 424mm


* The Model Y has already had numerous spring revisions, so the best bet is to measure your vehicle if you’re looking to confirm the exact amount of lowering, however, we can confidently say our kit offers the maximum allowed lowering before there is a risk of suspension interference.


MPP Comfort Adjustable Recommended Battery Heights: 

Front: 135mm – 170mm
Rear: 135mm – 170mm


MPP Comfort Adjustable Recommended Hub-Fender Distance:

Front: 385mm – 430mm
Rear: 385mm – 430mm

A further increase in ride height can be achieved with our MPP Lift Kit. 


We have hundreds of customers using our coilover kits on their Model 3’s and so far the reviews have been really encouraging. We suggest you do some research online to read some reviews and ask us if you have any questions, as our opinions of ourselves are obviously biased in our favor! Picking suspension for your vehicle is so difficult because unlike power figures, the “feel” of the car is not something that can be quantified. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for a good salesman to get you into something you might otherwise not have chosen if you were able to compare both products on merit entirely. The closest we can get is to suggest reading reviews, especially from those who have had other suspension and have switched to MPP, as they have a direct back to back comparison.

Our Performance Model Y shown with 20×11 Volk Racing TE37 wheels.

This suspension kit comes with a 2-year warranty (void with track-use, as is KW policy), complete documentation including instructions and recommended initial setup settings (height and damper settings). Installation is very straightforward. The OEM top-hats are retained and as such a spring compressor is required to disassemble the factory front dampers. Nothing on the car needs to be permanently modified or damaged for installation.


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