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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3 Pagid RSL race bromsbelägg


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Mountain Pass Performance Pagid RSL race bromsbelägg för din Model 3, perfekt för dig som gillar att köra aktivt och pressar till det yttersta på bana.


Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras racing bromsbelägg för Model 3:

The ultimate brake pad for track and street use. Low dust, Low noise, and great linear pedal feel and bite. No changing pads at the track, just install these and go.

These pads are suitable for use on track for sprint, time attack and lapping days. For endurance racing applications please contact us.

CLICK HERE For DIY front brake pad installation instructions.



It’s about time. We finally have Tesla Model 3 track pads. An optimized motorsport pad for those of you using our MPP.R brake systems. Pagid is a German pad manufacturer with roots back to 1925. Pagid pads are used in 24hr endurance racing by many professional motorsport teams all over the world at the highest levels of GT3 and Formula car motorsport. There are only a handful of pad manufacturers out there who are relied on for these grueling 24hr races – and Pagid is one of them. As an example, Corvette racing one the GTLM championship in 2020 using Pagid pads. That’s about as high as it gets with sportscar racing!

While these are more costly than other pads, as they are an endurance pad, they are very easy on rotors and they do not wear quickly. So actually, these pads could end up being the best value option out there for Tesla Model 3 track pads – especially if you consider the time (cost) it takes to swap pads. We’ve tested these pads extensively with our MPP.R brake systems and they check all of our boxes. We’ve never been able to overheat the brake system, even during our battery overheat testing – where we accelerate and brake repeatedly with no pause from 50mph-95mph until the battery overheats. The rotors continue to look as you’d expect a motorsport rotor should look – smooth with a light tinge of brake pad transfer material. No abrasive “machining” of the rotor going on here.

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