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Mountain Pass Performance - Model S Plaid/LR bromscylinder


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Mountain Pass Performance bromscylinder för din Model S Plaid/LR. För dig som önskar en linjär bromsning så är bromscylindern en värdig uppgradering som ej flexar när man bromsar.


Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras bromscylinder för Model S Plaid/LR:


  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Improved braking feel and response
  • Made in Canada
  • Anodized for beauty and corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel hardware that will never rust
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • For LEFT-HAND DRIVE Tesla Model S 2021+


The idea for our Tesla Model S Plaid Master Cylinder Brace came from our popular Model 3 Master Cylinder Brace. That brace has proven quite popular as it’s an easy and affordable upgrade to significantly improve brake feel. After all, the connection you have with the car is only through the steering wheel (let’s not talk about the yoke…) and the pedals. So just as improving throttle response benefits the driving experience, so too does improving the brake pedal feel. A firmer, more direct pedal makes the car more enjoyable to drive!

Our design is novel in that it locks into the factory’s very strong aluminum channel strut brace rather than solely relying on bolting into place. The result is a very lightweight and extremely stiff brace in an area that has few bolting options! And we pay attention to the details – for example, there is an OEM wiring harness in close proximity. By providing a very large radius in this area we can ensure that no chafing to the harness will occur.


As with our Model 3 Brace, we wanted to verify prior to listing the product for sale that there was any useful benefit. Using a dial indicator and a measuring tape, while also monitoring the brake pressure with our MoTeC system, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our MC Brace removed almost all of the flex in the firewall, and reduced the pedal travel by 0.5″ at 90bar brake pressure.

Testing the master cylinder deflection with and without the brace showed some positive results. We also measured the pedal travel and the results were encouraging. With the MPP brace installed, the pedal travel is reduced by 0.5″ at 90 bar brake pressure, and the MC brace moves only 0.009″ versus the 0.059″ without the brace – also all measured at 90 bar brake pressure.

Tesla Model S Plaid Brake Improvement

It should be noted that this product only offers a meaningful improvement in the brake feel if the pads are staying seated against the rotors. The OEM front calipers on the Model S have anti-rattle clips that appear to significantly pull the pads away from the caliper, and this must first be addressed before any improvement from firewall flex would be noticed!

So if you’ve been yearning for better brake feel, even if you aren’t track driving or driving aggressively, this is a good upgrade to consider. The difference in feel is noticeable even with typical daily driving, as of course with more aggressive use. Pairing this upgrade with upgraded rotors and pads is all your Plaid ever wanted.



What’s included: Master Cylinder Brace, Required Hardware
Installation time: 30 minutes
Pedal travel reduction: 0.5″ @ 90bar brake pressure


Installation instructions HERE

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