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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3 justerbara bussningar


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Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 bussningar de främre nedre länkarmarna! En plug and play lösning för dig som siktar på att pressa din bil maximalt på bana och ta kulorna snabbare med mer kontroll!

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras bussningar för Model 3:

We previously released compression rod inserts as a nice daily-driven solution to deal with the massive compliance that exists in the front compression rod bushing. Now for those of you that are after the MPP.R experience, we have a sealed solid spherical bearing option that eliminates all of the compliance in this link, at the minor sacrifice to NVH from the noise transmitted by the bearing.

Deflection at this joint causes heavy instability under braking, and significant camber and toe distortion on corner entry, as well as a loss of caster. The OEM rubber bushings are wearing out rapidly for those who aggressively track their Model 3’s, exasperating these issues. This is the only solution if you’re regularly attending track days and serious about front-end grip.

Rather than just create a spherical replacement, we wanted to take it a step further and see how we could do more here in terms of caster adjustability. Rather than permanently having a large offset bearing, which would force users to have significant additional caster and potential tire rubbing issues at the front fender, we found a way to make the length adjustable. By inserting an offset sleeve in the bearing, the spherical can either be nearly the OEM length (+1.5mm is the minimum setting), or it can be extended to 6.5mm longer than stock. This allows the user to fine-tune their caster on the car, as well as achieve a little bit more camber as well. The bearing is adjustable in the car, although it is challenging. You’ll likely want to select the position at installation time.

Finding a sealed spherical joint that can articulate over the entire vertical range of the Model 3’s suspension was difficult, and we had actually given up for over a year on this product – but finally, we were able to find a bearing that would work and we’re very excited to release this product for all of you that are hardcore about track duty with your Model 3’s! Note: this bearing is a new design and the long-term durability has not yet been evaluated. While we fully expect this bearing to handle the loads and last significantly longer than the OEM rubber bushing we do want to caution that this bearing MAY be a wear item in the long term if used on the racetrack regularly. 

Testing from the racetrack showed results as expected – a less darty car on entry, more stability under braking, and more front-axle grip overall mid-corner and on exit. With this bearing installed alongside the MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bearings and Front Upper Control Arms, the Model 3 now has a 100% solid front suspension, giving you a total connection to the tire and road beneath you.

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