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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3 bakre fjädringsarm


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Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 bakre fjädringsarmar, stora besparingar på vikten samtidigt som det möjliggör 70mm fjädring.

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras fjädringsarmar för Model 3:

NOTE: Different rear springs are required to use this kit. Please select the spring you’d like to use! Only select “No” if you will be sourcing your own springs or if you are purchasing the MPP.R Super Sport spring kit!

These lightweight spring arms are cut from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and allow you to shed 12 pounds from the rear of your Model 3, while also enabling you the ability to run linear 70mm ID springs, allowing for easy spring changes for those who want to alter the spring rates of their suspension.

These arms are significantly lighter than the OE stamped steel welded arm, and when combined with the removal of a large diameter spring in the rear the weight saving is a massive 12lbs in the back of the car! Combined with our lightweight battery and 2pc rotors, you can achieve a 50lb weight reduction to your Model 3 with no loss in creature comforts. That’s massive!

We’ve designed this arm to still fit perfectly with the factory plastic aerodynamic panel that sits under the factory spring arm. This way there is no loss of aerodynamic performance when switching to our rear spring arm.


You are free to purchase your own springs, or have springs purchased from us. Please contact us for spring rates and lengths if you’ll be purchasing your own springs.

Spring sets available:

Comfort – Nearly equivalent to the springs sold with our comfort coilovers, and our sports coilovers with soft springs.
Sport – Nearly equivalent to the springs sold with our sports coilovers (5% firmer).
MPP.R Super Sport – These require the front super sport springs to match, and can be purchased as a set here. Select “No” as the spring option if you’re buying the Super Sport spring kit.

NOTE: These arms will only work if you have a 70mm coilover upper spring perch already. If you’re using our MPP Coilovers, they will work, and the only item required for installation will be rear springs.

CLICK HERE For Installation Instructions

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