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Mountain Pass Performance - Model 3 tävling coilovers AWD/Performance


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I priset för montering så ingår även en hjulinställning (värd 1 995:-).

Mountain Pass Performance Model 3 tävling coilovers för performance eller AWD modellerna. Speciellt utvecklade för att förbättra köregenskaperna i din Model 3 på bana för att minska ner varvtiderna.

Mountain Pass Performance egna ord om deras tävlings coilovers för Model 3:

We’ve always committed to supporting the community as it matures, and we’re so excited that there is now demand for a full-on competition suspension kit for the Model 3! After working with KW on a competition suspension kit for our hybrid electric 350z racecar, it was clear that this was the supplier we should stick with for the Model 3.

KW Competition suspension can be found on some of the most competitive GT cars in the world – something you won’t find with any of our competitor’s products. KW dampers are the weapon of choice in GT4, GT3, Nurburgring 24, and Le Mans sportscars. These dampers are the real deal with an incredible adjustment range, durability and quality.

That’s where MPP comes in to add value. As we have so much experience with this platform we’ve worked with KW to ensure the optimal damper dimensions, valving forces, and spring rates are preset – so that you don’t need to be alone on your journey with a huge range of adjustment. The purchase of each competition kit includes support on setup advice directly from our director, Sasha Anis, who has years of experience as a technical director for numerous racing teams, as well as a hired driver. For this reason, competition kits are available only through MPP directly.

The 3-Way EXR damper technology is an evolution of the 2-Way EXR and was recently released by KW. The dampers feature some of the leading edge motorsport features such as in-body reservoirs, extremely lightweight aluminum construction (you won’t believe how light the dampers are until you hold them in your hands), and an incredible range of adjustment, where every single click makes a very noticeable difference.

This kit includes aluminum top mounts in the front and retains the OEM top mount in the rear. Complete damper dyno maps and spring rates are supplied at the time of purchase and are confidential. This suspension kit is intended for dedicated track use. The rebuild interval for road use is 6,000km. Please contact us with any questions if you’re considering this suspension kit so that we can consult with you directly prior to your purchase.

Note: This kit requires our lightweight rear spring arm to utilize linear rear springs.

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